“Patricia Watkins delivers again. Another pragmatic blueprint for sustainable success in an increasingly unpredictable business environment.”

Mike Ruffolo

Chairman, Edgeware AB, former CEO, Internap Corporation, Crossbeam Systems, and Liquid Machines

“Among the biggest challenges for a go-to-market organization is limiting churn and expanding its footprint in existing clients. Patricia’s book is an excellent roadmap to making this expansion a reality. A must-read for sales leaders in all industries.”

Bruce Dahlgren

CEO, MetricStream

This is the best guide to customer retention and revenue expansion I’ve seen recently. Watkins has produced a thoroughly practical compendium of best practices, backed up by statistical evidence.”

Ernie von Simson

Cofounder, The Research Board; Senior Partner, CIO Strategy Exchange (Retired), author of The Limits of Strategy: Lessons in Leadership from the Computer Industry and Discarded Patriot

“Patricia Watkins’ book Land and EXPAND is a must-read for anyone in sales. It provides six simple strategies in an easy to execute formula for bringing in new accounts and expanding business with existing accounts.”

Len D’Innocenzo

Founding Partner, Corporate Sales Coaches, LLC, author of The Agile Manager’s Guide to Customer Focused Selling with Jack Cullen

“Watkins has just delivered the outlines, research, real-life examples, and direction to expand your sales!

Scott Schafer

Principal/CEO, SMS Advisors, prior Global VP of Sales for Arecont Vision, Pelco, and Reynolds and Reynolds, Past Chairman, Security Industry Association

Excellent…the six battle-tested strategies are based on a proven path to drive sales results.”

Dan Doster

Consultant, McKinsey & Company, SVP, COO, CFO and CEO in a variety of industries including GE Capital, author of Relationships Matter: A Practical Business Guide

“Land and EXPAND should be the focus and battle cry of every organization wanting to achieve next-level success.”

Tom Webster

Chief Executive Officer, The TONE Knows, Inc. (“TONE”)

“The world of sales is changing and many sales leaders are a deer-in-the-headlights frozen. Patricia’s simple EXPAND approach is exactly what’s needed to bring back some method to the madness…immediate business impact for creating a repeatable, predictable, and scalable sales engine.”

Lorin Coles

Managing Director and Founder, AllianceSphere

“The Pandemic of 2020 caused many companies to focus on recovering sales as quickly and effectively as possible. This book is a must-read to accelerate sales!

Theresa Marcroft

President, MarketSavvy, Inc., author of The Path to Revenue – The Secrets of Successful Tech Leaders

“Land and Expand is a well-developed framework for driving sales and profit. Appeals to anyone who wants to establish and build profitable customer relationships.”

Jerry Phillips

President, NineRuns, author of Always Be Looking for Stars: How Leaders Can Hire the Right People with the Right Process and Total Assessment: 10 Steps to Smart Recruiting

“Patricia’s proven strategies, should be in every sales playbook.”

Kimberly Layne

Owner and Principal Consultant, KCC: The Kimberly Connection Company, author of Connections Change Everything: How Smart Leaders Connect Through Better Conversations

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.” – Chip Bell

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