Patricia is the author of two #1 business bestsellers on Amazon; both share how to accelerate sales – expand revenue, profit, and deliver an exemplary customer experience.
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Land and EXPAND

by Patricia Watkins

Land and EXPAND has been a best practice for a long time, but many companies aren’t focusing on the strategies that will ensure they will accelerate their sales. Given recent events, it is now more vital for your company’s success than ever before.  

Delighted Customers Buy More. Delighted, loyal customers will buy more solutions, and more services from you. Land and EXPAND shows CXO’s and sales executives within companies of all sizes how to increase their sales most effectively by using the proven strategies of the ‘Land and EXPAND Sales Framework’. This book is packed full of research, real-life experiences, and tips, templates, and checklists that you can put into immediate use in your company. Implementing the strategies in the ‘Land and EXPAND Sales Framework’ is the fastest path to expanding your company’s top and bottom line. Read Reviews

Driving MORE Sales

by Patricia Watkins and Dan Doster

Targeted at first-time CEOs and sales executives in the tech industry, industry veterans Patricia Watkins and Dan Doster bring to life the art and science of sales through real-world examples and practical wisdom in this useful guide for transforming sales teams into winning organizations. Detailed and comprehensive, yet entertaining and easy-to-read, Watkins and Doster provide guidance of what you need to know to drive MORE sales.

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.” – Chip Bell

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