Patricia Watkins author of Land and EXPAND – 6 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Company’s Top and Bottom Line

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Driving M.O.R.E. Sales focuses on several areas including:

Know your


Build Solid

Optimized Processes


Resellers and Channel Partners
Rewards & Recognition
Retention & Referrals


Essential Sales Tools

“Don’t just satisfy your customer, delight them.”

– Warren Buffet

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Enables your company to Drive MORE Sales

MORE Sales Advisors is a sales and marketing advisory firm providing services to technology firms. In addition to helping companies identify and correct the structural problems that impede sales organizations, we provide process development and implementation services that lay the foundation for sustained top line growth. 

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you,
they insist that their friends do business with you.”

– Chip Bell

Driving More Sales

Driving MORE Sales

by Patricia Watkins and Dan Doster

Targeted at first-time CEOs and non-sales executives in the tech industry, industry veterans Patricia Watkins and Dan Doster bring to life the art and science of sales through real-world examples and practical wisdom in this useful guide for transforming sales teams into winning organizations. Detailed and comprehensive, yet entertaining and easy-to-read, Watkins and Doster provide guidance of what you need to know to drive MORE sales.

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Land and Expand Book

Land and EXPAND

by Patricia Watkins

Land and EXPAND – 6 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Company’s Top and Bottom Line is targeted at companies of all sizes who want to EXPAND their sales most effectively and with proven strategies.

Land and EXPAND has been a best practice for a long time. Given recent events, it is now more vital for your company’s success than ever before. Existing customers and loyal customers are the foundation of a successful business.

A key area where many companies don’t focus as much as they should – is expansion within their existing customers. Many companies focus, in some cases almost exclusively, on new customer acquisition. You should acquire new customers (land) – but ONLY if there is an equal or greater focus on retaining and expanding your footprint within existing accounts. This book focuses on the EXPAND strategies of The Land and EXPAND Sales Framework to apply within your current customer base. Land and EXPAND is the fastest path to expanding your company’s top and bottom line.

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Are you looking for a Sales Consultant or Keynote Speaker with a proven track record of accelerating sales?

Patricia Watkins, sales growth expert, consultant, best-selling author and speaker, has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the high technology sector, with a strong track record of driving profitable revenue growth, customer acquisition and retention. A natural leader and motivator, Patricia has led teams starting at $0 million to delivering in excess of $800 million.

** Harvard Business Review

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